SCCMHA operates as a Mental Health Authority, a separate, local, governmental entity under the provisions of Act 258 of the Michigan Public Acts of 1974, or the Michigan Mental Health Code, as amended. SCCMHA is one of the 18 statewide PIHPs (PrePaid Health Plans) under contract with the Michigan Department of Community Health for the management of specialty services and supports. SCCMHA became a separate entity from the County of Saginaw when it became an Authority in 1997. PIHPs in Michigan are responsible for public management, including Medicaid funding, of mandatory services for adults with serious and persistent mental illness, persons with developmental disabilities, children with serious emotional impairments and persons with substance abuse or chemical dependency disorders. SCCMHA is responsible for the mental health needs of all eligible persons in Saginaw County. SCCMHA operates within an annual budget of approximately forty-four (44) million dollars and meets MDCH service array requirements through provision of services by varied network providers, both by contractors and directly operated programs and services. SCCMHA currently serves approximately 5000 individuals on an annual basis, by providing or purchasing needed services such as in-patient, case management, residential and varied related health services.

SCCMHA's Mission

SCCMHA's mission is "As the public manager of supports and services for citizens with mental illness, developmental disabilities and chemical dependency and their families, SCCMHA actively strives to develop a system of care and a community that values and embraces the potential and contributions of all individuals with disabilities."

SCCMHA is the sole Saginaw County PIHP; the function of managing Medicaid and other related specialty supports and services for persons in the Saginaw community with these varied serious disabilities is unique to SCCMHA. SCCMHA knows of no other organization that has taken on such a project in supporting these local adult citizens with disabilities in licensed residential settings with their severe personal income challenges. First Choice of Saginaw is a unique, newly formed corporation, working in cooperation with SCCMHA to provide for this community needs.

The SCCMHA website is www.sccmha.org